Memberships & Donations

Add your green heart to the community of B-W Greenway supporters. 

Annual Membership

$30 | Greenway Kindred Spirit
$50 | Greenway Household
$100 | Greenway Conservationist
$250 | Greenway Preservationist
$500 | Greenway Restorationist
$1000 | Greenway Steward


Donations by both members and non-members are appreciated at any time.   Certain projects/activities require a level of investment beyond what our annual membership dues provide and are not possible to support without your contributions.  Please indicate if there is a specific project or intended use for your contribution.

Please make checks payable to B-W Greenway and mail them to PO Box 3, Fairborn, OH 45324-0003.


To influence decision makers, both political and economic, we need members and dollars. Political leaders look at our number of supporters and businesses look at the bottom line. We want our elected and appointed officials to know they are representing the will of their constituency, and we want business (including agri-business) to know we respect their interests. Good stewardship is good economics.

We are committed to keeping administrative costs to a minimum. We want to use financial assets for education, monitoring equipment, and eventually easement acquisition - but to get started we need dollars for incorporation, insurance, membership in the National Land Trust Alliance, etc. We've tried to keep our memberships affordable, but are willing to work on an individual basis if they present a problem.

Please contact for additional information specific to B-W Greenway Community Land Trust membership.