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What You Missed Last We At The Sense of Place Program

Raising Backyard Chickens, Monday, March 4, 6:30 PM  

Trevor Corboy, Greene County OSU Extension Office

    Trevor Carboy discussed what you and your neighbors should consider before deciding to purchase chicks to raise in a residential backyard. Fairborn Community Library, 1 E. Main Street, Fairborn, 45324

Trevor put on a detailed PowerPoint presentation, regarding raising chickens in both urban and country settings.  Many who attended, enthusiastically shared their experiences with raising chickens. Trevor Corboy, an expert in his field, was very well informed and provided insight into the How-Tos of raising a small flock.  Whether your interest were; raising chicks for eggs, meat or for a family pet, Trevor offered true practices for tending to these animals in a safe and healthy environment.

Special thanks to Tom Hissong, Karen Jeffers-Tracy, Pat Higgins and all who attended.

Here’s what’s coming next month at the Sense of Place Program.  Don’t miss your opportunity to learn and explore.

Prepping Your Bike for the Season, Monday, April 1, 6:30 PM

Justin Killermeier, K & G Bike Center

Justin will discuss how to prepare your bike for the 2019 season. He’ll cover what tools and resources you may need to help in preparing your bike. It will be just in time for the bike season! Fairborn Community Library, 1 E. Main Street, Fairborn, 45324

Join us, at the Sense of Place program and explore all your communities’ nature has to offer you and your family

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