B-W Greenway is bringing back the Backyard Habitat Award program to recognize individuals who create eco-friendly sustainable environments where they live or work.  These environments promote a healthy relationship between wildlife and nature.  The purpose of the award is to honor the contributions of those who create these habitats as well as to provide community awareness and foster public education.

Individuals may nominate themselves, a business or anyone they feel deserves recognition by filling out the application form and submitting it to:  B-W Greenway, PO Box 3, Fairborn, OH  45324. Or, send as an attachment to  admin@bwgreenway.org.  A B-W Greenway Community Land Trust member will contact the nominee to schedule a visit for a habitat evaluation.  The property owner must be present when the habitat evaluation is conducted.  The property will be evaluated in five areas as follows and some examples are included. The criteria include an adequate food supply (bird feeders, edible plants), an uncontaminated water source (birdbaths, streams, rain barrels), appropriate cover for protection of wildlife (bushes, ground cover), undisturbed places to raise their young (birdhouses, nesting areas), and sustainable gardening practices (compost, organic fertilizers, soil conservation, pollinator plants).  Suggestions for improvement will be given for those habitats not meeting criteria and they will be eligible in the future

. Evaluation and selection of the habitats will be completed by September 18, 2018.

Here are the criteria for property the Evaluation

A printable copy of the application form:   Backyard Habitat