Spring Run Farms’ Conservation Easement Protects the Water Quality in the Mad River Watershed

In December 2016, B-W Greenway Community Land Trust acquired a 19 acre conservation easement from Spring Run Farms, Inc.  Spring Run Farms is a private trout fishing club located in Clark County. The easement was acquired using funds from the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Fund.  The terms of the easement provide the owner the right to use two acres to build a cabin or shelter on the site at some future time.  The easement protects the scenic beauty and conservation value of the property while continuing to allow the club members to use the land for fishing, hunting and passive recreation.

Glaciers that covered this area of Ohio many, many years ago have shaped this property.  As the glaciers receded, large mounds composed of stratified sand and gravel laid down by glacial meltwater were left behind.  This is known as Kame geology.  This mounded, hilly area of the property is covered in mature trees including several species of oak.   Several groundwater springs emerge at the base of the hilly area and drain into the Mad River.  Because of the Kame geology, a large percentage of the property is susceptible to groundwater pollution. By maintaining this land as conservation land, the risk of groundwater contamination is greatly reduced, protecting water quality in the Mad River.

The property provides habitat for a variety of wildlife species.  Deer and coyote are present.  Bald eagles and osprey have been seen on the property.  The land’s proximity to the Mad Rivers suggests it is ideal habitat for a variety of migrating bird species and potentially summer habitat for the Indiana bat.  The seasonal wet areas are potential habitat for amphibian species including salamanders and frogs.

With the assistance of the Clark Soil and Water Conservation District a restoration plan has been prepared which includes removing invasive bush honeysuckle and planting six hundred hardwood seedlings.  Six acres are to be planted with warm season grasses forming a prairie area that will attract pollinators and provide bird habitat. 

B-W Greenway is thankful to the leadership and members of Spring Run Farms for having the vision to protect a beautiful and important piece of land for future generations!